Swiss CNC Machining – The Precision Edge with LK Tools

Swiss CNC machining, also known as Swiss-type lathes or Swiss automatic lathes, is a modernized tool that LK Tools employs to facilitate the rapid and accurate production of very small parts. This advanced form of machining is pivotal for industries that demand high precision and efficiency in their manufacturing processes.

How Swiss CNC Machining Works at LK Tools

At LK Tools, the principle behind our Swiss CNC machines involves guiding a long bar of metal through a support component, clamping it securely as it enters the cutting zone. This precise control allows only the section of the bar needing machining to move, ensuring unrivaled stability and accuracy.

In contrast to a conventional CNC lathe where the part remains stationary, LK Tools' Swiss lathes enable the workpiece to rotate and move back and forth along the Z-axis while being shaped. Our Swiss machines can perform multiple operations concurrently, unlike standard lathes which typically complete one operation at a time.

LK Tools utilizes Swiss CNC machining

Originally used for making screws, LK Tools' Swiss CNC machining now also produces complex parts without any turned surfaces.

Types of CNC Machines at LK Tools

LK Tools utilizes Swiss CNC machining to perform a variety of operations, including milling, drilling, and turning parts. Our experts program the machines using CAD software and computer G-code, ensuring precision and repeatability.

The common types of CNC machines available at LK Tools include:

  • CNC Milling Machines
  • Lathes
  • Drilling Machines
  • Swiss Machines

Advantages of Swiss Machining with LK Tools

Swiss CNC machining at LK Tools was initially used for watchmaking but has become a staple in precision manufacturing. Our specialized lathes manufacture tiny, precise parts quickly, making them crucial for workshops producing large volumes of intricate components.

The advantages of using LK Tools' Swiss machining include:

  • Ultra-Precision – Our Swiss CNC machines provide excellent support during machining, producing parts with tight tolerances.
  • Complex Parts – Thanks to robust support, our Swiss machines create complex parts with features that other machines struggle with.
  • Speed – LK Tools' Swiss CNC machines manufacture parts faster than other CNC machines, making around 30 parts per hour, depending on complexity.
  • Ready-to-Ship Parts – Our Swiss machines produce parts that are usually ready to ship without additional work, saving time and resources.

CNC Swiss Machining vs. Standard CNC Machinery at LK Tools

Feature LK Tools' Standard CNC Machines LK Tools' Swiss CNC Machines
Cost More cost-effective due to simpler motions Higher cost for complex motions but with superior outcomes
Movement Three-direction operation: left/right, front/back, up/down Up to five-direction movement for greater flexibility
Precision Accurate, with fewer controlled movements than Swiss machines Ultra-precise, multiple movements for the tightest tolerances
Small Parts Handles standard small parts Specializes in ultra-tiny parts with the tightest tolerances

Materials Best Suited for Swiss CNC Machining at LK Tools

LK Tools' Swiss CNC machining is adept at working with a diverse range of materials, including copper, brass, nylon, titanium, aluminum, nickel, plastics, and carbon steel, each chosen for its properties that benefit specific applications.

Industries Served by LK Tools' Swiss Machines

LK Tools' Swiss CNC machining is incredibly convenient across industries that need small and ultra-precise parts. In the medical, aviation, and electronics fields, our Swiss machines produce critical components with precision and speed, demonstrating our commitment to quality and excellence.

Shape Your Designs with LK Tools

Ready to take your manufacturing to the next level? LK Tools' Swiss CNC machining services bring ultra-high precision to your products, enhanced by our surface treatment services. We transform ideas into tangible, high-quality parts across various industries.

Choose LK Tools for the ultimate Swiss turning services. Our parts are precise, fast, and ready to ship. For outstanding manufacturing quality, turn to LK Tools' Swiss CNC machining expertise.


Swiss CNC machining at LK Tools is a modern marvel, originally for watchmaking but now a cornerstone of diverse manufacturing sectors. It offers precise guidance of metal bars to produce small, intricate parts quickly and accurately. With LK Tools, Swiss CNC machines are known for their ultra-high precision and ready-to-ship components, setting them apart in the world of precision manufacturing.