CNC Machining Titanium

Your Premier Source for Custom Titanium CNC Machining Services

LK tools ( is recognized as a premier CNC machining titanium company based in China, with over a decade of experience in manufacturing custom titanium parts. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our advanced in-house equipment, highly skilled machinists, and extensive expertise in the field.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver precision titanium machining services that cater to your exact specifications. Our goal is to provide quality titanium CNC machining parts at budget-friendly prices, ensuring timely delivery to meet the demands of your projects.

Our titanium CNC machining shop is equipped to handle various processes including milling, turning, and drilling, complemented by exceptional surface finishing options. Whether you require intricate components or large, complex assemblies, our team is adept at creating parts that meet the highest standards of precision and performance.

LK tools's titanium CNC machining services are tailored to produce high-grade components that meet the rigorous demands of various industries. Our product specifications highlight our commitment to precision and versatility:

Machining Titanium Grades:

Grade 5 (Ti 6Al-4V): Known for its strength, light weight, and corrosion resistance, making it ideal for aerospace and biomedical applications.

Grade 2: Commercially pure titanium that offers excellent corrosion resistance and formability.

Grade 7: Similar to Grade 2 but with added palladium for enhanced corrosion resistance, particularly against reducing acids.

Grade 23 (Ti 6Al-4V Eli): A higher purity version of Grade 5, commonly used in surgical implants due to its biocompatibility.

Product Types: Our extensive experience allows us to manufacture a variety of products, including but not limited to:

Rings and earrings: Precision-crafted jewelry with the hypoallergenic properties of titanium.

Fasteners: Durable and corrosion-resistant bolts, screws, and other fasteners for critical applications.

Cases and vessels: Strong and lightweight containers for sensitive equipment or materials. Hubs and custom components: Engineered parts designed to your exact specifications for various applications.

CNC Machining Processes: We utilize a range of CNC machining processes to create titanium parts, including:

Titanium milling: Precision cutting and shaping of titanium into complex geometries.

Titanium turning: Producing cylindrical titanium components with fine detail.

Titanium drilling: Creating precise holes and features with tight tolerances.

Applications: The titanium components we produce are used in a myriad of applications across several key industries:

Aerospace: For the construction of aircraft parts that require the high strength-to-weight ratio of titanium.

Surgical & Dental Equipment: Titanium's biocompatibility makes it perfect for medical devices and implants.

Oil/Gas Exploration: Components that can withstand the harsh conditions of oil and gas environments.

Fluid Filtration: Durable parts for systems that require corrosion resistance and strength.

Military: Reliable and robust components that meet the stringent needs of military applications.

At Junying, we are dedicated to delivering titanium CNC machining services of the highest standard. Our ability to work with a range of titanium grades for various product types and applications ensures that we can meet your project's specific needs with exceptional quality and precision.

The titanium and titanium alloy components we produce are suitable for a wide array of industries and applications. Our parts are commonly used in the aerospace industry, including but not limited to airplane parts and fasteners, gas turbine engines, compressor blades, casings, engine cowlings, and heat shields. The superior strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance of titanium make it an ideal choice for these critical applications.

At LK tools, we are dedicated to establishing close and friendly cooperation with customers around the world. We understand the unique challenges of working with titanium and are equipped to provide solutions that will help propel your business forward. Choose LK tools for your titanium CNC machining needs and experience the difference that professional expertise and customer-focused service can make.

Why LK tools Stands Out for Titanium CNC Machining Services

When it comes to titanium CNC machining, LK tools's services are synonymous with excellence and reliability. Here's what makes us the go-to choice for your titanium machining projects:

Cost and Time Savings: With LK tools, you can expect to save both time and money on your titanium projects. We offer a perfect blend of cost-effectiveness and quality assurance, ensuring you get the best value without sacrificing the high standards your projects require.

Peak Productivity and Precision: Our operations are characterized by high productivity, exceptional efficiency, and pinpoint accuracy. We utilize cutting-edge CNC technology and employ seasoned machinists to deliver parts that consistently meet and exceed expectations.

Understanding Titanium: The Metal of Choice for Demanding Applications

Titanium is a lustrous transition metal, well-known for its silver sheen, low density, and remarkable strength. This combination of attributes makes it an ideal candidate for a host of demanding applications across various industries including aerospace, medical, military, chemical processing, marine, and high-temperature environments.

The most widely utilized titanium alloy, Grade 5 (Ti 6Al-4V), is particularly celebrated for its balanced mix of properties. Titanium is not only ductile but also boasts a high melting point and relatively low thermal conductivity. Its resistance to corrosion is notable—sea water, chlorine, and a variety of other media have little to no effect on this durable metal. Despite its incredible strength, titanium remains lightweight and non-magnetic, distinguishing it from other metals.

In comparison to its metallic peers, titanium holds its own against steel in terms of strength but has a lower density, making it preferable when weight is a concern. Its superiority in both strength and density over aluminum further cements its status as a material of choice for high-performance parts.

The exceptional qualities of titanium make it perfect for CNC machining, resulting in parts that offer longevity and reliability even under the most arduous conditions. For those in need of reliable titanium machining services, LK tools is equipped to deliver custom-crafted titanium parts tailored to meet your specific demands. We invite inquiries from all sectors looking for top-tier titanium solutions. With our commitment to excellence and precision, LK tools is your go-to source for all your titanium machining needs.

Versatility in Materials: Our expertise extends across a wide range of titanium grades and alloys, providing you with the flexibility to choose the ideal material for your specific application. Regardless of the titanium variant you need, we have the capability to machine it to perfection.

Tailored Complex Parts: We specialize in producing custom complex titanium machined parts and components, adhering to the specific tolerances required for your designs. Our bespoke services mean that no matter how intricate or challenging your parts may be, we're equipped to handle them.

Rapid Turnaround: Agility is key in today's fast-paced market, and our high-speed machining services are designed to keep pace with your needs. From prototyping to full-scale production runs, we offer swift turnaround times without compromising the quality or consistency of your parts.

In summary, LK tools's titanium CNC machining services are the ideal choice for clients who demand excellence in every aspect of their manufacturing process. By choosing us, you're opting for a partnership that prioritizes your project's success, ensuring timely, cost-effective, and precise machining solutions.